Ready, steady, go!

Welcome to my blog!

A short time ago I thought that there is a space in the internet for another programming blog, but I had common fears, ex. do I have something interesting to say? Will anyone want to read it? Will I have time for it? We will see.

For a long time blog was only an idea to fulfill in unspecified future but in the beginning of 2017, I read about contest Daj Się Poznać proposed by Maciej Aniserowicz from The main idea of this contest are: code, write blog posts about it and get noticed!. Then I said “Hey, this can nicely motivate me to learn something new and go out with my thoughts. Let’s do it!”.

So unexpectedly the web has gained new place where one person will express himself and (probably) almost no one will read it.

What can I lose? Maybe some money spent on buying a domain and hosting, and time for choosing WordPress theme, but general possible profits are incomparable:

  1. Blogging can cure my inner introvert and defeat the fear of expressing myself.
  2. Writing in English will help me to expand my vocabulary.
  3. Writing is good for organizing knowledge, and deepen the subject.
  4. A good blog can help in building personal brand and career.
  5. Starting a side-project will develop my coding skills.
  6. Maybe someone will find my blog as helpful.

These thingsare very valuable for me, I will be pleased to achieve only a few of them. I treat this blog as an investment in myself, I hope that enthusiasm and energy put in will get back with double power.

Thanks for reading my first post. It wasn’t that hard to write it, but I hope another will be easier. I’m ver excited to see what will it be for couple months or years. Will you cross this adventure with me? I encourage you to read further posts, consider them, and leave some feedback. Thanks!